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i-Maths is a revolutionary early learning program that consciously shifts focus from providing children mere Arithmetic or 'number' skills to including many essential mathematical concepts and skills such as observation, logical thinking, reasoning, analysis, synthesis, etc. as part of the syllabus.

The i-Maths program focuses on making math fun for your child while making "Thinking" a natural extension of the learning process.


i-Maths provides children an ideal platform to learn by systematically guiding them through various modes of learning such as Sensorial, Kinesthetic and Visual. Such methodologies of learning not only helps keep the process fun filled and interactive but also makes learning deep rooted and lasting.

The i-Maths program seeks to provide the following benefits:

90% Complete (success) make learning math a fun and enjoyable experience

90% Complete strengthening of the inherent learning capabilities in each child

90% Complete (warning) provide a structured platform to aide age appropriate learning

90% Complete (danger) encourage application of concepts in real time environment

The child undergoing the I-Maths learning program over a period of time acquires the following:

• 1) Mapping Ability

• 2) Thinking Skills

• 3) Concentration

• 4) Ability to form concepts

• 5) Ability to judge

• 6) Ability to calculate

• 7) Ability to analyze

• 8) Ability to memorize

• 9)   Ability to focus

• 10) Thinking Skills

• 11) Concentration

• 12) Ability to form concepts

• 13) Ability to judge

• 14) Ability to calculate

• 15) Ability to analyze

• 16)Ability to memorize

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